Ditch the plastic this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are worried about how to stem the tide of unwanted plastic gifts into your home then we have some tricks for you. Have yourself a merry little eco-Christmas...

There are many ways in which we can limit the environmental impact of Christmas, without having to take all of the fun out of it. We just need to be smarter about giving.

Think about what you want

The obvious first step is to make a list, which can be done at Little Wishlist. Steer the generosity of friends and family in the right direction so that they don't panic buy something off the shelves. Consider adding gifts of experiences such as a day out to Legoland, or create a fund to go towards buying a musical instrument or a bike. Gifts that are focussed around making memories and developing skills last years and have a very low impact environmentally.

Look for gifts that are made of sustainable materials

Ditch plastic in favour of sustainably sourced wooden toys. They might cost a little more but they will last longer. Look at quality toys that the kids can use for many years - such as a doll's house, or toys that have bolt-ons you can add year on year.

Look for gifts that are multi-faceted
A perfect example is a wobbel board - it helps with a child's balance and agility for many years and can be used in a variety of ways by kids of different ages. Also this outdoor Muddy Cook Play Kitchen can be used in different ways - it's all up to the child's imagination.

Help your family out
Some parents may be a little reticent to create lists of items they want for their children but if it's weighed it up against having to politely accept unwanted gifts, which are a drain on the environment and bad for the wallet, then a little guidance has longer-lasting results.

Help do your bit at reducing plastic waste by creating an environmentally-friendly Little Wishlist.