Shocking Christmas statistics

Did you know that over Christmas each household will use an average of 4 rolls of wrapping paper and 1.5 rolls of sticky tape? This doesn’t sound like much, however, when you add that up for the whole of the UK, it means as a nation we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper and 40 million rolls of sticky tape. That’s a lot of landfill.

It's time to change our Christmas habits

Sadly, over time as a nation we've created traditions that rely on plastics and waste which makes for a pretty unsustainable Christmas. There is a backlash against plastics and fortunately the retailers are listening. Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are leading the charge against glitter and other microplastics on their Christmas packaging. Their Christmas ranges are recyclable which takes the strain off landfill waste.

Quick wins to be eco-friendly this Christmas

There are some beautiful wrapping paper options out there that are eco-friendly and recyclable. Paperchase has a wonderful range of brown wrapping paper either with Christmas designs or plain, Marks & Spencer have the classic Snowman range which takes us back to being a kid in the 80s and these Waitrose penguins are just adorable. Feeling creative? How about making your own wrapping paper with the kids using brown paper and stamps or felt-tips? It's a fun, creative way to put your mark on Christmas

If you want to stop using sticky tape then this paper tape is a great alternative or if you’re feeling confident tie your parcels up with Paperchase coloured string.

Keep all your great purchasing ideas in a Little Wishlist as you go along so you don't forget a thing this Christmas.