How to save £42 million this Christmas

Did you know that approximately £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents end up in landfill each year?

£42 million pounds. So much money. So much waste. So, what can we do?

Make a list of things you actually want for you and your family

It’s that simple. Create a Little Wishlist and add all the things you know you will need, want and use. Add experiences, days out, personalised presents, things you can't afford or would actually dare buy for yourself. Put it in a list and send round to your family and friends - the people who love you and want you enjoys the fruits of their labour. Seek the courage to ask for the things that you actually want.

And stop throwing your money in the bin...

and ask for a list of gifts. It may not feel like the essence of Christmas to ask what your friends and family want but there's nothing more heartbreaking as seeing good money go to waste. It's time to break down our cultural embarrassment of asking for what we want and enjoy the Christmas we've asked for. You deserve it!

Create your Little Wishlist today and help save time, money and landfill.