The Expert Lists: Sara Smale

Running out of things to do with your little ones while we're all stuck at home? Art teacher Sara knows exactly what it takes to keep kids interested in all things arts & crafts.

Here are her top picks to keep her 4-year-old Martha engaged and entertained, while little sister Edie keeps a close eye on things...

Jewellery making kit
£6.74, Melissa & Doug

“Martha really enjoyed making jewellery with this kit. You could also paint penne pasta with paint and glitter and make your own.”

Air dry clay
£6.00, DAS, Amazon

“Great to use to make gifts for family members, we made pinch pots to send in the post. Supervision needed!”

Crayola paints
£4.99, Crayola

“Great for painting and craft projects. We’ve used them for painting pictures and decorating our pinch pots.”

£20.99, Aquadoodle

“This has been good for when I can’t handle the mess paints and pens make!”

£20.99, TOP-Pindu, Amazon

“We had a similar version up on our wall, but now I have put some on the girl's table so they can scribble away while waiting for their meals.”

Shop role play
£20.00, Casdon

"I displayed pretend supermarket products on decorated upcycled packaging. Martha really enjoyed using the till that I got to go with her shop and a great way to practice her numbers!"

Table & chairs
£22.00, Ikea

"This table and chair set has been brilliant, I added the black board to the table surface before I assembled it and painted the woodwork to match our wall."

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