Help! It's Christmas present buying time again

Whether you have a niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild or best pal’s baby bump, there is nothing better than giving gifts to our little loved ones at Christmas. Spotting that perfect something on the shelves of that adorable store. The carefully considered gift-wrapping, the heartfelt label-writing, the delicate under-the-tree-placing. The excited anticipation... The enthusiastic unwrapping... The long hug of gratitude and the lengthy thank you letter that warms your cockles when the postman calls on a cold January morning. Aaaaah.

But it never turns out that way, does it people?

Instead, somehow, yet again, we find ourselves on Christmas Eve wrapping up warm against the biting air and the spitting rain, wandering aimlessly down crowded streets into jam-packed department stores, panic-picking anything that can be wrapped, timidly hiding it round the back of the tree, and as the dreaded unwrapping ensues, mumbling awkwardly about a gift receipt and your own zero offence-taking policy.

And breathe!

This Christmas, Little Wishlist is on a mission to make it the best ever. We’re defending the delinquents, coordinating the confused, and directing the disoriented. We’re galvanizing grandparents, emboldening aunties and inspiring uncles.

But we need your help. That’s right, we’re talking to you, parents and parents-to-be!

By creating your account and adding your bumps, babies and children, you can create Little Wishlists for each of life’s very special occasions. You can add any item, from any online store, and then share your list with your generous friends and family members. We can also help you if you need inspiration on Christmas gifts.

Once they have access to your list they will know exactly what they can buy that will be much loved and needed, and simply mark the item they decide to purchase as gifted, so that you can be sure there’ll be no double ups.

So sign up today and do it for them. No more bamboozled godparents and no more befuddled friends. Just a holly jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!