Hospital Bag Essentials

Why is it that nothing quite makes you feel like you’re really going to have a baby than packing your hospital bag?! Forget the months of actually being pregnant and all the excitement and preparations, for many women the moment they start packing is the moment they think, ‘Eek this is actually happening’!

If you’re starting to think about what to pack in your hospital bag and are feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of stuff out there (that all seems essential), we’re here to help! Here is a checklist of what to take and what to leave behind….

What to pack in your hospital bag for labour

Labour needs to be all about you. All about keeping you as comfortable as possible and making sure you have everything you need to get you to the point of meeting your new baby!

  • Firstly, don’t forget your maternity notes and birth plan if you’ve made one
  • Really comfortable clothes are an absolute must – a nightshirt or loose nightie is perfect (you might want to take a couple in case you need to change during labour)
  • If you’ve got long hair, make sure you have hairbands to keep it out of the way
  • A hand-held fan and water spray will keep you cool
  • You may think there’s no way you’ll feel like eating, but if you have a long labour you’ll need to keep your strength up, so consider taking a lunch bag filled with lovely healthy snacks
  • Music has the power to change how you feel, so put together a playlist of songs you love that can calm, relax or energise you and a portable speaker or headphones to play them on (and don’t forget your phone and charger!)
  • Pack your usual toiletries and make sure you include a nourishing lip balm and perhaps some essential oils that, like your music, can calm, relax or energise you.

You probably won’t need:

  • Books or magazines

What to pack in your hospital bag for after the birth

Comforting, cosy and snug is what you’re aiming for here – for you and your baby.

Don’t take up space with:

  • Multiple outfits for your new baby
  • Your entire make-up bag
  • Hairdryer

Going home

Warm clothes for your baby, a comfortable outfit for you and a car seat (that you know how to use!) are all that is needed to transport your precious new arrival from hospital to home:

  • If it’s cold make sure you have a snuggly snowsuit and hat for your baby
  • You’ll still need maternity clothes after your baby is born so bring something comfy that you can just pull on
  • You’ll need a group 0+ rear-facing car seat to keep your baby safe and secure on the journey.

And that’s about it! We’ve put all of our suggested products and more on our Hospital Bag example wishlist to make things really easy for you.