A Grandpa’s Guide to Gifting

‘What should we buy the grandkids for Christmas?’ asks my dearly beloved. ‘Well don’t ask Grandpa,’ I usually say. ‘I don’t have a clue.’

Happily this year is different. We’ve discovered wonderful Little Wishlist. It makes buying presents easy by letting people list what they really want and avoiding doubling up.
My children send me the link to their lists and their children’s lists, giving numerous options and prices. These will have a link to the online shop they can order from. And when you tick the gift off as ‘bought’, no-one else will double up. So simple.

We’ve scrutinised little Freya’s list and plumped for the ‘Kids’ easel’ at £54.99. And the ‘Barn Toy’’ at £32.56

Leaving gifts like the Duplo Baking Playset, the Umbrella and Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Family for others to buy.

Are you getting the drift? And Little Wishlist is not just for kids. My own list is up there on the internet and circulating around the family. A garden strimmer is there (rather hopefully) as the top price item. And coming down in descending price order is some rather super aftershave; half a case of Malbec; and a bottle or two of champagne. You can also name what you don’t want. Brandy, whisky and photo frames in my case!

This really is a no-brainer for all your Christmas gifts. Just click here to get started and create your wishlist.