Top 10 Twin Products for your Wishlist

Expecting twins or multiples, but feeling completely overwhelmed about what to ask for? Mum of three (including twins) Amy Odaro, has some ideas…

Amy Odaro's Twin Wishlist
When I think back to my experience of being a first-time mum (with my son, who’s now seven), I recall the hours I spent stressing about the small things, not to mention the amount of money I wasted on clutter. To imagine myself going through that experience but with twins?! That kind of brings me out in a cold sweat. Twin mum friends of mine who have lived that exact experience will say, “but I didn’t know any different”, and I guess they’re right.

Finding out my second baby was actually two babies was one of those life-changing moments I will never forget, and I was scared. There was no ‘ignorance is bliss’ for me and my husband; we knew exactly how hard it was to look after a baby and now we were going to have to do it twice... simultaneously! But I’ll be forever grateful that I had a ‘practice’ run. Like many second-time parents, I felt more prepared; I knew what to prioritise, what to worry about, what not to worry about and, boy, was I organised!

I found right from the moment I announced my twin pregnancy, people were asking what gift they could buy that would be of most use. We set up a wish list and pointed our friends and family towards it; it ensured we got everything we needed and our previous experience meant we focused on products with real benefit.

My twin daughters are now three years old and have brought so much joy to our lives; it’s impossible to imagine our family any other way. If you’re a twin parent-to-be and need some inspiration for your Wishlist, here are my favourite products:

  1. Double Buggy
  2. If you’re going to splurge on anything, let it be the buggy! We opted for the Mountain Buggy Duet; it appealed to us as it was stylish yet sturdy, and could fit through doorways and onto buses. You can also buy cocoon or carrycot add-ons to create a more snuggly journey for newborns. We opted for the less-expensive car seat adapter clip instead, which enabled us to click in our Maxi-Cosi seats straight from the car. This is the only buggy we’ve ever had to use for our twins; it’s been on the daily school run for the past three years and has passed the ultimate test of travelling through airline baggage control multiple times; it’s still showing only minimal signs of wear and tear.

  3. Feeding Cushion
  4. If you’re planning to breastfeed it’s worth investing in a good-quality feeding cushion. Feeding both twins simultaneously will be more efficient and help keep them in a routine while also saving you some sanity. This Peanut & Piglet cushion is a beautiful, well-thought-out design specifically for tandem feeding; it has a soft, washable fabric cover and offers a comfy back support.

  5. Parenting Book
  6. A must-read to help you prepare and get you through this crazy and challenging experience is Alison Perry’s debut title OMG It’s Twins. It’s full of expert advice as well as personal experiences from more than 60 twin parents, which help will bring comfort and address any concerns you may have.

  7. Baby Carrier
  8. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do baby wearing with my girls, but after doing a bit of research, I discovered there were actually lots of twin carriers on the market. We went for the Weego Twin Baby Carrier so both twins could be carried side-by-side at the front, as opposed to one on the front and one on the back. It’s soft, comfortable, and suitable from birth. Just be prepared for the attention you’ll get wearing this out and about in public!

  9. Twins Trust Membership
  10. This UK charity offers help and advice to families with twins or multiples. Becoming a member means you have access to exclusive resources, a monthly magazine and a huge range of discounts at high street stores, travel companies and for days out. You can join for a small monthly fee via direct debit or, alternatively, you could add the Twins Trust Membership to your Wishlist, where it can be purchased for a one-off fee of £40; this will cover a full year’s membership.

  11. Changing Bag
  12. Don’t underestimate the value of a good changing bag! There are several changing bags out there that are designed specifically with twins in mind, but it was the Bebamour Changing Backpack that worked for us. It’s roomy, and has all the compartments you need – plus it comes with separate food bags and a changing mat.

  13. Children’s Story Books
  14. I love my children to have a diverse bookshelf. It’s also important to me that they can identify with the characters in their books, so over the last three years we’ve collected several great books with twins at the centre of the story. Here are a few of our favourites:
    She’s My Twin Sister by Lola Adebayo
    Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison
    Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke
    Bathtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss

  15. Play Pen
  16. Once your twins are on the move you will need a play pen to keep them safe while you pop to the toilet or get yourself a cup of coffee. If you have the space, the Millhouse Plastic Play Pen is all-singing, all-dancing with soft mats, activity panels and a lockable gate, and available in various colourways. If, like me, you’re short on space the Summer Infant Pop N’ Play is a great alternative. It's compact but still spacious enough for twins and easy to put away when you’re not using it.

  17. Reusable Wipes
  18. The thought of twice the number of nappies going into landfill gave me huge feelings of guilt, so we ended up using a combination of disposable and cloth nappies to reduce our amount of household waste. Cloth nappies are amazing and definitely more achievable than you’d think with twins – but I know they’re not for everybody. These Cheeky Wipes are a great swap though, and will really help reduce your environmental impact. We kept one upstairs for bums and another downstairs for messy faces and sticky fingers. They also saved us a small fortune!

  19. Cook Vouchers
  20. When you’re so consumed by your new babies, it can be hard to look after yourselves. My husband and I ended up eating so much junk food because we were far too preoccupied and exhausted to cook. Second time around, we were given Cook Gift Vouchers by several friends, and these were a godsend! The meals are made using only the freshest ingredients, frozen, and delivered straight to your door.

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